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This intense course will introduce you to the fifteen most important tools necessary to make inspirational presentations, and the process in which they are put together for maximum effect. In addition to the invaluable material covering both content and delivery, each participant will have the opportunity to receive individual coaching as well. This is available at the location of your choice for your organization or individuals may attend one of our scheduled Speaker Training Workshops.

Individual Coaching/Meeting Preparation

For those who have an important meeting or convention presentation who wish to 'knock it out of the park,' it would be well worth your time and money to spend a few hours or days rehearsing with us. Whether it's just for you, or for your entire management team, with our help, your next major meeting will be the best meeting ever!

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Since 1988, the Hendersons have devoted much of their time coaching industrialists, community leaders, attorneys, physicians, politicians and graduate actors in the improvement of their applicable presentation skills.


Giving a quarter in review speech, a pep talk to your team, a keynote to investors? The inside tips you’ll learn during our training sessions will build your confidence and help you get the results you want from your presentations.


The greatest asset of any political campaign is the presentation skills of the candidate. When he or she has them, everything else comes easy; when he or she does not, everything else is more difficult. We will help develop your edge with superior presentation skills.


Whether you are an attorney getting ready to argue the case of your life, or a witness appearing before a Congressional hearing or other critical event, you know that both what you say and how you say it will come under scrutiny. Let us help you make sure they do more than just pass muster.

We offer industry specific personal coaching!

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